Flow improvers, also known as drag reducing agents (DRA), are injected into pipeline fluids to reduce turbulence.  The associated reduction in frictional pressure drop can provide significant benefits to pipeline operators by providing additional pipeline throughput, the ability to operate in reduced pressure-drop conditions, or a combination of these effects.

Applications of Flow Improvers

Flow Increase

DRA lowers pipeline frictional pressure loss by reducing turbulence in the flow. This change allows operators to increase throughput and earn more tariff. Drag reduction agents from LSPI have doubled the throughput of many pipelines.

Constraint Removal

Is there a bottleneck in your pipeline? A segment that restricts throughput of the entire line? DRA effectively alleviates the constraint of a bottleneck segment, thereby allowing the flow rate across the entire pipeline to be increased.

Energy Management

Reducing the frictional pressure in a pipeline also saves pumping energy. LSPI has supplied many applications where entire pump stations have been bypassed. By allowing shutdown of intermediate pump stations, energy and maintenance costs can be dramatically reduced.

Pressure Reduction

Sometimes operators need to reduce the operational pressure in a pipeline. DRA is a fast and effective tool to reduce and control pipeline pressure, without compromising throughput.

Results without Large Capital Expenditures

Pipeline performance can often be improved without major capital investment. DRA is injected directly into pipeline products, using skid-mounted injection pumps and tanks. Installation of a DRA skid enables pipeline operations to see reliable results, without any changes to existing pipeline steel.

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